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I want to talk about a simple and non-invasive way to improve your smile. Many patients I meet dislike their smile. Many times, patients want to fix minor imperfections in their front teeth. These imperfections sometimes include spaces between the teeth, rotated teeth, chipped teeth, or excessive wear. A simple and non-invasive treatment for these types of smiles is composite bonding, a process where white filling material is added to the front teeth. Bonding to teeth is great because it doesn’t damage the teeth and can usually be done in a single appointment without ever having to wear uncomfortable temporaries. Esthetic bonding to teeth can be reshaped and repaired if it becomes damaged in the future, this is a big benefit over porcelain veneers and crowns which must be replaced if they break. Composite bonding holds up very well over time but can also be touched up and polished from time to time. Bonding is much less expensive and less invasive than traditional porcelain veneers. While bonding is very esthetic, it’s not quite as perfect as porcelain. If you want absolute perfection in your smile you may be a candidate for porcelain restorations, but if you just want a big improvement in your smile without grinding down your healthy teeth and without breaking the bank, bonding might the perfect option for you.

Aesthetic Bonding