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If you are reading this, chances are you have a lower denture. I say “have” a lower denture because many edentulous patients “have” a lower denture but don’t WEAR it.  The truth is most patients with a properly made upper denture have some amount of suction and are at least moderately happy with it. The lower denture is a completely different story. Lower dentures are horseshoe shaped to allow for movement of the tongue. They rarely have any form of suction and most move around or come out during speech and while eating. The unwanted movement and lack of stability is very frustrating and often leaves the tissue sore and ulcerated. I have met many denture patients in my time and I can tell you almost none of them were happy with their lower denture. Luckily dental implants offer a simple and effective solution. Of all the types of treatment that I do as a dentist, nothing is more life changing than installing two to four implants to secure a lower denture. My favorite method of treating patients with a lower denture is to install two implants in the lower jaw. The implants are placed in the area where the canines once were. After minimal healing the implants can be attached to the denture using something called a “locator”. A locator is like a pearl snap(the kind of buttons found on a cowboy shirt) and keeps the denture in place during function. The denture can be removed whenever the patient wants and can easily be snapped back in in seconds. The “locators” can be fit with adjustable retention to give patients the perfect balance of security when chewing and ease of taking the denture in an out. These two little implants will drastically improve the quality of life of anyone that wears a lower denture. If you have a lower denture without implants you NEED to talk to your dentist about locators.